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A panel discussion about developments in the Postal Service and its Unions, and what the parties expect of arbitrators.

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Just cause across industries: IV. The Postal Service

The panelists discuss just cause in the Postal Service.

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Reducing the costs of disputing

Introductory remarks to papers on the mediation of discrimination complaints in the Postal Service, and methods for reducing the costs of disputing.

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Mediation of discrimination complaints at the USPS: Purpose drives practice

The authors describe the reasons that the Postal Service has adopted transformative mediation, implemented through its REDRESS program, for the resolution of discrimination disputes. They describe the steps taken to…

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Reducing the costs of disputing : Panel discussion remarks

A discussion of the measures adopted by the U.S. and Canadian postal services to increase the effectiveness and reduce the incidence and costs of grievance disputes and arbitration.

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