2017-2018 Officers

Kathleen Miller

Vice President
Laura J. Cooper

Vice President
William A. Marcotte

Vice President
James J. Odom, Jr.

Vice President
Elizabeth C. Wesman

David A. Petersen

Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Walt De Treux

2017 - 2018 Executive Committee

Kathleen Miller

David A. Petersen

Immediate Past President
Margaret R. Brogan

Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Walt De Treux

At Large
Joshua Javits

2017 - 2018 Board of Governors

Randi Hammer Abrasmky

Stephen F. Befort

Richad D. Fincher

Matthew M. Franckiewicz


Joshua Javits

Paula Knopf

William J. Miller, Jr.

Michelle Miller-Kotula

Maretta Comfort Toedt

Kathryn A. VanDagens

Jeanne M. Vonhof

David R. Williamson

Margaret R. Brogan (Ex Officio)

David A. Petersen (Ex Officio)

2017 - 2018 Committees and Chairs

2017 FEC Host Committee
Robert B. Moberly

Fall Education Program Committee
Barry Winograd

2018 Annual Meeting Host Committee
Randi Hammer Abramsky, Chair

2018 Annual Meeting Program Committee
Elizabeth C. Wesman

Advocacy Continuing Education Sub-Committee of the Program Committee
Michelle Miller-Kotula

Amicus Brief Advisory Committee
Stephen F. Befort

ArbitrationInfo.com Committee
Elizabeth C. Wesman

Auditing Committee
Kathryn VanDagens

Bloch Committee
Richard I. Bloch

Daniel G. Zeiser, Managing Editor
Benjamin A. Kerner, Assistant Managing Editor

Committee on Honorary Membership
James C. Oldham

Committee on Professional Responsibility and Grievances
Daniel J. Nielsen

Coordinator of Continuing Legal Education
Fredric R. Dichter
Bonnie G. Bogue, Assistant Coordinator (CA)
Martha R. Cooper, Assistant Coordinator (PA)

Coordinator of Legal Affairs
Jan Stiglitz

Coordinator of Legal Representation
Sara Adler
Barbara Deinhardt, Assistant Coordinator
Luella Nelson, Assistant Coordinator

Designating Agency Liaison Coordinator
Joshua Javits

Employment Arbitration Committee
Jacquelin F. Drucker, Chair
Theodore J. St. Antoine, Vice Chair

Future Meeting Arrangements Committee
James J. Odom, Jr.

History Committee
Nancy Kauffman

International Studies Committee
Christopher J. Albertyn

Membership Committee
Sarah Kerr Garraty

National Coordinator of Regional Activities
Kathy L. Eisenmenger

New Member Orientation
Jules Bloch

Nominating Committee
Jeffrey B. Tener

Outreach Committee
Margaret R. Brogan

Jane H. Devlin

Stephen L. Hayford
Robert A. Grey, On-Line Editor

Professional Organizations Liaison Committee
Fredric R. Dichter

Public Employment Disputes Settlement Committee
Timothy D.W. Williams

Supplement to “Fifty Years in the World of Work” Committee
Barry Goldman

Tribunal Appeals Committee
Roberta L. Golick

Research and Education Foundation

Catherine Harris, President
Richard D. Fincher, Vice President
Walt De Treux, Secretary-Treasurer


Christopher J. Albertyn
Linda S. Byars
James B. Dworkin
Richard D. Fincher
Charles P. Fischbach
George R. Fleischli
Catherine Harris
I.B. Helburn
Philip A. LaPorte
Sheila G. Mayberry
Edward A. Pereles
Mariann E. Schick
Susan L. Stewart
Alan A. Symonette
Jeanne M. Vonhof


NAA Operations Center
1 North Main Street, Suite 412
Cortland, NY 13045
Office: (607) 756-8363
Fax: (607) 756-8365
Email: naa@naarb.org

Kathleen Griffin
Email: katiegriffin@naarb.org

Suzanne Kelley
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