Lisa C. Charles, Chair
Andrea Laiacona Dooley
Sarah Miller Espinosa
Randi E. Lowitt
Andree Y. McKissick, Ex Officio
Bonnie J. McSpiritt, Ex Officio
Sheila G. Mayberry
Debra Simmons Neveu
Margo R. Newman
John F. Sass
Alan Symonette
David Weinberg
Elizabeth C. Wesman
Daniel G. Zeiser

Pilar Vaile, Chair
Kathy L. Eisenmenger
John F. Sass

The Amicus Brief Advisory Committee is responsible for advising the Board of Governors about cases of great importance to the profession of arbitration, in which the Academy may be asked to, or in the judgment of the Committee should sua sponte, participate through a friend of the court brief.   The Committee will also be responsible for overseeing the preparation and presentation of such briefs.

Martin H. Malin, Chair   
Stephen F. Befort
Lawrence M. Cohen
Matthew W. Finkin
Lise G. Gelertner
Alvin L. Goldman
James C. Oldham
Jan Stiglitz

The ArbitrationInfo Web Site Committee oversees the upkeep and currency of the Arbitrtationinfo web site.  The web site serves as a reference tool for journalists and academics, and follows up on current developments in labor and employment arbitration in both the US and Canade.  Members of the Committee are occasionally asked to write brief summaries of news articles, government policy changes or landmark court cases for the web site.


Elizabeth C. Wesman, Editor
Robert Gary Bailey, Co-Editor
Richard Bales
Stephen Douglas Bonney
Christopher David Ruiz Cameron
Lise G. Gelernter
Rafael Gely
Keith D. Greenberg
Paula Susan Knopf
William McKee
Augustus Richardson
Patrick R. Westerkamp

Jules Barry Bloch, Chair
Lisa Salkovitz Kohn
Sherrie Rose Talmadge

The Canadian Labour Relations  Committee will prepare an annual report to be presented to the members at the time of the annual meeting, and posted on the NAA web site and, describing and analyzing significant events in Canada – strikes, notable settlements, legislation, impactful awards, legislation, etc. during the calendar year.  If there is a particularly significant development between the end of the year and the annual meeting, the Committee might decide to do a special interim report on that.   The annual report for 2020 should be submitted by the end of January, 2021.  The Committee will also be charged with recommending measures and activities to maintain and extend the Academy’s relevance and service to the profession in Canada.

Kenneth P. Swan, Chair
Mark Asbell, NAA – Alberta
Michelle Flaherty, NAA – Quebec & Ontario
Robert Joshua Herman, NAA – Toronto
Paula Susan Knopf, NAA – Toronto
Jesse Nyman, NAA – Ontario
James C. Oakley, NAA – Newfoundland
Augustus Richardson, NAA – Nova Scotia

Jacquie de Aguayo – British Columbia
Ginette Brazeau – Ontario

The Chronicle Committee is responsible, under the direction of the Managing Editor, for producing the Academy’s newsletter, which is a primary method of maintaining communications with members about events in the Academy, professional activities of committees and individual members, and the content of programs at Academy meetings. The Chronicle publishes significant articles from non-members on subjects of interest to our members.  The Chronicle also provides articles about the hobbies and life experiences of members and from time to time honors notable members with special articles about their careers. 

James S. Cooper, Managing Editor
Benjamin A. Kerner, Assistant Managing Editor
Bonnie J. McSpiritt, Assistant Managing Editor
Philip Lawrence Maier, Chronicle Photographer
Randi Hammer Abramsky
Melissa H. Biren
Timothy J. Brown
Matthew M. Franckiewicz
Sandra Mendel Furman
Lise G. Gelernter
William E. Hartsfield
Ira F. Jaffe
Jared Noah Kasher
Sheila G. Mayberry
Jesse Nyman
John A. Obee
Christine A. Schmidt
Jeffrey B. Tener
Patrick R. Westerkamp
Arnold M. Zack

The Committee on Honorary Membership evaluates and recommends members of the Academy who are no longer active arbitrators for the category of Honorary Life Member.  All such recommendations are brought forward to the Board of Governors for final action as is deemed appropriate.

David W. Stanton, Chair
Edward B. Krinsky
Barry Winograd

The Committee on Professional Responsibility and Grievances is charged with the administration and enforcement of the Code of Professional Responsibility, jointly adopted by the NAA, the FMCS and the AAA, which defines the responsibilities of labor-management arbitrators.  The Committee Chair is responsible for investigating complaints against members and, in consultation with two other Committee members, determining whether probable cause exists to believe a violation has occurred.  If not, the complaint is dismissed.  If so, a Hearing Officer is appointed from among the members of the Committee.  The Committee also provides advice to members and designating agencies, in the form of Advice Letters and Advisory Opinions.  The CPRG Chair is responsible for reporting to the membership annually on the activities of the Committee.

Jeanne M. Vonhof, Chair
Ruben Armendariz
Richard N. Block
Daniel F. Brent
Jeanne Charles
Laura J. Cooper
Shyam Das
Matthew M. Franckiewicz
Lise G. Gelernter
Howell L. Lankford
Martin H. Malin
Susan R. Meredith
Kathleen Miller, Ex Officio
Elaine Newman
Dennis R. Nolan
Ken A. Perea
Paul D. Roose
Barry E. Simon

The Continuing Education Committee is responsible for organizing and presenting webinars and other educational sessions for members between Annual Meetings, and for assisting the Program Committee in presenting elements of the Annual Meeting on-line if requested.

Daniel G. Zeiser, Chair
Daniel F. Brent
Jules I. Crystal
Andrea Laiacona Dooley
Michelle Flaherty
Lise G. Gelernter
Keith D. Greenberg
Lisa Salkovitz Kohn
Randi Lowitt
James A. Lundberg
Elizabeth Neumeier
Allen Ponak
Haydee Rosario
Lynette Ross
Jerry B. Sellman
Alan A. Symonette
Katherine Thomson
Pilar Vaile
Jeanne Vonhof
David Weinberg
Elizabeth Wesman
Betty Rankin Widgeon
Timothy D. W. Williams

The Coordinator of CLE is responsible for obtaining continuing legal education and other professional education credits for Academy educational sessions.

Fredric R. Dichter, Coordinator 
Bonnie G. Bogue (Assistant Coordinator – CA)
Martha R. Cooper (Assistant Coordinator – PA)

The Coordinator of Internal Grievances is responsible for receiving and investigating complaints brought by any member against another member of harassment or discrimination in violation of the Academy’s policy.  The Coordinator attempts to conciliate such complaints to seek an acceptable outcome.  If that is not possible, the Coordinator will, in consultation with two members of the Committee on Professional Responsibility and Grievances, determine whether probable cause exists to believe a violation has occurred.  If not, the complaint is dismissed.  If so, a Hearing Officer is appointed from among the members of the Committee on Professional Responsibility and Grievances. 

Kathleen Miller, Coordinator

The LRF Coordinator and Assistant Coordinators act as the “gatekeeper” for claims for reimbursement of legal defense expenses arising out of members’ involvement in labor-management cases.  The Coordinator and Assistant Coordinators receive reports from members of new and ongoing lawsuits, subpoenas, discovery requests, and similar matters.  After gathering the pertinent information about the potential claim, the Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator reports the facts to the President and Executive Secretary, with a recommendation for or against reimbursement.  In appropriate cases, the Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator may mediate to resolve potential claims without the need for the member to engage counsel or incur defense costs.  The Coordinator prepares a report of LRF claims and other activity for presentation at the time of the annual meeting.  The Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator attends the New Member Orientation to describe the LRF to new members and provide information on steps they should take if they are sued or subpoenaed.

Luella E. Nelson, Coordinator
Barbara Deinhardt, Assistant Coordinator
Jacalyn J. Zimmerman, Assistant Coordinator

Melissa H. Biren, Chair
Christopher J. Albertyn
Christopher David Ruiz Cameron
Brian Clauss
Charles Peter Fischbach
Michael Z. Green
Lisa Salkovitz Kohn
Alan Symonette
Betty Rankin Widgeon
Barry Winograd

The Designating Agencies (U.S.) Coordinator serves as the Liaison between the Academy and the major designating agencies in the United States (NMB, AAA, FMCS). The Coordinator advises the Academy on developments within the agencies affecting arbitrator qualifications, selection and workload requirements, and is the principal point of contact for nationwide agencies with the Academy leadership.  The Coordinator will also consult with the Academy leadership and the Chair of the State and Local Public Sector Committee on issues involving state and local designating agencies.  The Coordinator organizes a presentation by the agencies to the membership at the Annual Meeting.

David Weinberg, Coordinator

The Committee has responsibility for a variety of functions within the broad subject-matter area of employment arbitration (i.e., employment-related disputes that proceed to arbitration pursuant to private contractual provisions or plans, or those that proceed under a Pyett clause in a CBA), including: monitoring and addressing substantive and procedural developments in the law and practice of employment arbitration and mediation; developing/recommending educational programming provided or sponsored by the Academy relevant to employment arbitration and mediation; developing or recommending ways in which the Academy may be of service to employment neutrals; helping the Academy provide a “home” and resources for employment neutrals; helping to advance the image and use of the Academy as a resource for expertise in and information about employment arbitration and mediation; providing recommendations to the NAA Board of Governors on policy matters pertaining to employment arbitration and mediation, and promoting research relating to employment arbitration and mediation.

The Committee prepares a report regarding significant developments in the general field of Employment Arbitration in the calendar year, which is submitted in January for presentation to the membership at the Annual Meeting, publication in ArbInfo and the NAA website, and inclusion in the State of the Profession Report.

Thomas F. Gibbons, Chair
Melissa H. Biren
Patricia Thomas Bittel
Norman Brand
Christopher David Ruiz Cameron
Ira S. Cure
Jerome A. Diekemper
William E. Hartsfield
Fredric R. Horowitz
Elliott H. Shaller
Robert T. Simmelkjaer
Mark C. Travis
John M. True

The on-going task is to prepare an annual report to be presented to the members at the time of the annual meeting, and posted on the NAA web site and, describing and analyzing significant developments in the sector over the prior calendar year.  If there is a particularly significant development between the end of the year and the annual meeting, the Committee might decide to do a special interim report on that.   

Mark C. Travis, Chair
Carl C. Bosland
Jack Clarke
George Edward Larney
Philip Lawrence Maier
Dennis R. Nolan
James E. Rimmel
Sean J. Rogers
Haydee Rosario

The History Committee’s job is to record and publish the history of the Academy in various ways including initiating ideas to carry out this mission and finding members to accomplish these tasks, conduct or arrange interviews of past presidents and, occasionally, of others who are significant in the field of labor law, and see that this information is available to the appropriate audiences. The committee was responsible for the idea of a follow-up to the 50-year history of the Academy; this is currently being written by various Academy members and should be available online; the History Chair is an ex-officio member of this group.  In the past, committee members did all of the interviewing and writing, but in more recent times the committee has been responsible for initiating ideas, finding writers and interviewers, and assisting where needed for these various efforts  This includes encouraging people to meet deadlines, editing, providing information on how to do oral interviews, and creating ad hoc sub-committees as needed.

Nancy Kauffman, Chair

The International Studies Committee is responsible for monitoring, analyzing and reporting on development in the field of labor relations and labor arbitration in jurisdictions outside the United States and Canada.  The Committee maintains relations with the Academy’s foreign correspondents, and with other arbitration organizations around the world.  The Committee organizes and participates in symposia and other professional exchanges.

The Committee will prepare an annual report to be presented to the members at the time of the annual meeting, and posted on the NAA web site and, describing and analyzing significant developments in the international sector over the prior calendar year.  If there is a particularly significant development between the end of the year and the annual meeting, the Committee might decide to do a special interim report on that.   The annual report should be submitted by the end of January, 2021.   

Christopher J. Albertyn, Chair 
Joshua Javits, Vice Chair
Richard Bales
Jules Bloch
John DiFalco
Jacquelin F. Drucker
Richard D. Fincher
Lynette A. Ross
Sherrie Rose Talmadge
Jeanne M. Vonhof
Betty Rankin Widgeon
John L. Woods, Jr.
Arnold M. Zack

The mandate of the Media and Communication Strategy Committee (MCS) is to review and assess the NAA’s current public profile and to make recommendations to enhance its profile. The MCS will analyze the current public perception of Labor Arbitration, survey NAA members about their communication needs, an develop trainings and materials to support members in advocating for the greater positive visibility of Labor arbitration.

The MCS is also charged with developing a proactive and reactive strategy. The MCS will analyze our current communication tools and recommend changes and/or additions to augment these tools; analyze the current state of Labor journalism and propose tactics for cultivating critical media contacts; and, finally, will analyze current reactive and proactive messaging strategies and develop a uniform message that can be used by members to enhance the public profile of the NAA and Labor Arbitration.

Andrea L. Dooley, Co-Chair
Sylvia Skratek, Co-Chair
John C. Alfano
Martin F. Scheinman
Elizabeth C. Wesman

The Membership Committee is a standing committee having two main responsibilities.  Most of its focus is on applying the Academy’s membership standards to each successive class of new applicants.  That requires that most, if not all, of the Committee members attend every Committee meeting throughout their period of service.  Committee meetings are scheduled to precede the meetings of the Board of Governors, usually held twice annually, so that the BOG may act promptly on the Committee’s recommendations.  The second responsibility of the committee focuses on refining the administration of the application process and responding to occasional inquiries from the BOG about membership issues.

Sheila G. Mayberry, Chair
Richard Adelman
Terry A. Bethel
Serge Brault
Jeanne Charles
I.B. Helburn
Robert Joshua Herman
Jonathan S. Monat
Sherrie Rose Talmadge
Edward B. Valverde
David Weinberg
Betty Rankin Widgeon
Jacalyn J. Zimmerman

The Strategic Advisor will provide advice as requested to the Executive Committee on disputes involving the Academy as an organization. This position does not entail the provision of legal advice. If the Academy becomes involved in litigation, the Strategic Advisor will work with the Executive Secretary-Treasurer to retain and instruct counsel.

Martin Malin

The New Member Orientation Committee welcomes new members to the Academy and conducts an in-person orientation session at the meeting at which the new member is inducted, providing information on the Academy’s structures, activities and history.  Participation in the orientation is a pre-condition to admission, unless waived by the Executive Committee. 

Andrea Laiacona Dooley, Chair
Robert Gary Bailey
Lisa Charles
Matthew M. Franckiewicz
Sarah Kerr Garraty
I.B. Helburn
Joyce M. Klein
Randi E. Lowitt
Michelle Miller-Kotula
Margo R. Newman
Christine A. Schmidt

The Nominating Committee prepares a slate of Governor and Officers to fill vacancies on the Board of Governors that will occur in the coming year as terms expire. The Nominating Committee’s report is typically presented at the Fall Board of Governors Meeting.

Jack Clarke, Chair
Christopher J. Albertyn
Luella E. Nelson
Elizabeth Neumeier
Daniel J. Nielsen
Susan L. Stewart
Jacalyn J. Zimmerman

The joys and challenges of assisting newer arbitrators are at the heart of the Academy’s Outreach Committee.  The initiative’s mission is geared to the identification of promising newer arbitrators regionally, with a goal of increasing diversity and inclusion in our ranks, and to assist and support them in gaining acceptability by the parties.  Through this work we hope to assist aspiring arbitrators to gain admission to the NAA, and to enhance the profession in general.  It is also a happy byproduct that feedback on our efforts has demonstrated that the labor-management community is more aware and appreciative that the NAA is working to encourage and mentor the next generation of arbitrators, in line with our obligations under the Code.

The Committee works at identifying mentoring and training models for newer arbitrators, to help Regions implement these models, and to share information about successful efforts so they can be replicated elsewhere.  The Committee is comprised of individuals from around the U.S. and Canada, who not only help brainstorm ideas, but are committed to doing this work on a Regional level. 

Beyond Regional efforts, the committee’s work is typically sharing ideas via an email list, with a once a year in-person meeting at the NAA Annual Meeting.  The Outreach Committee Chair also assists individual newer arbitrators on a personal level with a variety of issues including: helping them identify local mentors; assisting them with issues involving attaining membership on an appointing agency list; highlighting arbitrator training opportunities; and pinpointing local speaking opportunities and meetings to help them meet advocates and gain acceptability with the parties.  The Chair is responsible for preparing a regular report for the Board of Governors and writing an article for the Chronicle. 

Margaret R. Brogan, Chair
Sara Adler
Fred Butler
Walt De Treux
Andrea Laiacona Dooley
I.B. Helburn
Robert Hirsch
Thomas J. Nowel
John A. Obee
Doyle O’Connor
Lynette Ross
Christine A. Schmidt
Andrew M. Strongin
Alan Symonette
Daniel G. Zeiser

William A. Marcotte, Parliamentarian

The Professional Organizations Liaison Committee is responsible for maintaining contact and communications with other professional organization in the field of labor-management relations and the practice of arbitration.  The Committee seeks to coordinate to avoid conflicts in meeting schedules, to identify opportunities for cooperation in areas of mutual interest, to keep other professional organizations informed of the Academy’s activities and initiatives, and to keep the Academy informed of the activities and initiatives of other professional organizations.   The Chair of the POLC serves as the Academy’s representative in meetings with representatives of other professional organizations. 

Elizabeth Neumeier, Chair
Thomas A. Cipolla
Jay Nadelbach
Samuel Spencer Stone

The Regional Activities Coordinator serves as the liaison between the Academy leadership and the regions, encouraging the regions in their planning of regional activities, informing the members of the Academy about those activities, and ensuring that regions are active in education and outreach.

Randi E. Lowitt

Jules Bloch

Central Midwest
Jacalyn J. Zimmerman

John C. Alfano
Keith D. Greenberg

Michael Falvo
Elaine Frost

Missouri Valley
George L. Fitzsimmons

Mid Atlantic
Ralph H. Colflesh

New England
Eileen Cenci
Beth Wolfson

New York
Ira Cure, Chair
Lisa Charles, Vice Chair

Northern California
Katherine Thomson

Rick Bales

Pacific Northwest
Elizabeth C. Wesman

Chris Shulman

Southern California
Christopher David Ruiz Cameron

Southwest Rockies
Pilar Vaile, Chair – effective Early February 2023

Upstate New York
Douglas James Bantle

Western Pennsylvania
David V. Breen

The State and Local Public Sector Committee will prepare an annual report to be presented to the members at the time of the annual meeting, and posted on the NAA web site and, describing and analyzing significant events in each State and Local public sector jurisdiction – strikes, notable settlements, legislation, impactful awards, legislation, etc. during the calendar year.  If there is a particularly significant development between the end of the year and the annual meeting, the Committee might decide to do a special interim report on that.   The annual report for 2020 should be submitted by the end of January, 2021.  The Chair of the Committee may be called upon to coordinate with the DALC (US) and the Academy leadership on issues involving state and local designating agencies.

Thomas J. Nowel, Chair – Ohio
Norman Bennett – Texas
Steven M. Bierig – Illinois
David Breen – Pennsylvania
Brian Clauss – Illinois
Lawrence Coburn – Pennsylvania
James M. Darby – Pennsylvania
Jane Desimone – Pennsylvania
James B. Dworkin – Indiana
Howard C. Edelman – New York
Richard D. Fincher – Arizona
George R. Fleischli – Wisconsin
Marc D. Greenbaum – Massachusetts
Patrick Halter – Montana
Joseph A. Harris – New Jersey
William E. Hartsfield – Texas
Nancy Hutt – California
Joyce M. Klein – New Jersey
Andrea S. Knapp – California
Charles W. Kohler – Ohio
Ira Lobel – New York
Michael P. Long – Michigan
Sherwood Malamud – Minnesota
James Mastriani – New Jersey
Peter R. Meyers – Illinois
Sidney S. Moreland IV – Louisiana
Ruth M. Moscovitch – New York
James P. O’Grady – Missouri
Susan J. Panepento – New York
Joan Parker – Pennsylvania
Kenneth A. Perea – California
David J. Reilly – New York
Arthur A. Riegel – New York
Haydee Rosario – New York
David W. Stanton – Kentucky
David N. Stein – New Jersey
Jan Stiglitz – California
Maretta Comfort Toedt – Texas
John Marshall True – California
Gerald E. Wallin – Nevada
Don E. Williams – Texas
Jeffrey Winton – Illinois

The State of the Profession Committee is responsible for annually assessing and reporting on the state of the arbitration profession.  The Committee monitors developments across the profession, including trends in caseloads and appointments, survey data, reports of other Academy committees and significant caselaw developments, to produce a report in June of each year about the preceding calendar year, to be distributed to the membership and published on the web site and in ArbInfo.  Special addenda may be generated to address significant developments between the end of the prior calendar year and the date of publication. 

Kathryn A. VanDagens, Chair
Richard Bales
Lisa C. Charles
R. Douglas Collins
Deborah M. Gaines
Lise G. Gelernter
Michael Z. Green
William E. Hartsfield
Joshua Javits
Paula Susan Knopf
Lisa Salkovitz Kohn
William McKee
Daniel J. Nielsen
Sylvia Skratek

The Technology Coordinator consults with the leadership of the Academy on issues of technology related to the Academy’s operations, and application and impact of technology on the practice of arbitration. The Coordinator may work directly with other Academy committees on issues of technology related to the committees’ areas of responsibility.

Keith D. Greenberg

Edward Krinsky, Chair
Sara Adler
Steven M. Bierig
Richard D. Fincher
Phyllis E. Florman
Gordon Lubosky
James O’Grady
Betty R. Widgeon

The Tribunal Appeals Committee hears appeals of CPRG Hearing Officer decisions. After a CPRG Hearing Officer has issued a decision disposing of a complaint made to the CPRG, either the complainant or the defendant or both may appeal the Hearing Officer’s decision to the Tribunal Appeals Committee.


The Tribunal Appeals Committee will review the Hearing Officer’s record and decision and will offer the complainant and the defendant the opportunity to submit written arguments in support of upholding or modifying the Hearing Officer’s decision.


The Tribunal Appeals Committee then will make a final and binding disposition of the matter.

Edward B. Krinsky, Chair
Sara Adler
George R. Fleischli, Alternate
Allen Ponak