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Bunts, dunks, punts, and strikes in professional sports arbitration

A panel discussion of arbitration in the professional sports of baseball (disputes arising from a contraction in the number of league teams); basketball (salary disputes); and football (work stoppage issues).

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Subcontracting in the 1990s

An examination of the law governing subcontracting (where the CBA is silent) in Canada and the United States is given. This is followed by an union advocate’s presentation of on the history of the law re: subcontracting in the United States and a request that arbitrators be mindful that statutory bargaining requirements are implicit in …

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Attorney Brauer asserts that, while other federal legislation dealing with employee discrimination has viewed distinctions between workers as largely irrational, the ADA has turned that precept on its head: it requires that workers not be treated the same. The ADA does not support resolution of such disputes by arbitration under a CBA. The author examines …

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