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Making Allowances – Accommodating Mental Illness and Addictions at Work (Canada)

Dr. Baker reviews the more common disabling conditions and describes the steps between the first appearance of a problem in the workplace, its diagnosis, treatment, and the employee’s return to work as practiced in Canada. A balance is struck between safety, human rights, performance, and the employee’s medical care. A panel discussion follows of the …

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Mediation During Arbitration? Yes, no, and Maybe

Three arbitrators discuss whether and under what circumstances an arbitrator should undertake to mediate a dispute, the ground rules and pitfalls.

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Arbitrating in the Fishbowl – Guppies or Sharks?How Arbitrators can Speak Publicly

A panel discussion. Canadian arbitrators face media attention because much of their arbitration is under statute, versus the arbitration of private contracts in the United States. But both face the media in public service cases. The panelists relate their experiences and offer their recommendations.

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