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A brief history of the Railway Labor Act, the shortcomings of the current dispute resolution process, and alternative processes that might be more effective are presented. The authors urge NAA members to explore alternative approaches beyond prosaic arbitration.

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Special issues in arbitration: Strike-related discipline

Arbitrator Alexander examines arbitration decisions dealing with misconduct during strikes, and finds lines of demarcation between serious and premeditated misconduct on the one hand, and impulsive emotional interaction on the other. Jerrold Glass and Seth Rosen examine how such cases have been handled in the airline industry, and describe the emotions that can arise during …

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Arbitration in the airlines

A legal and historical overview of arbitration in the airline industry; a description of the variety of structures and procedures of system boards; a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of the tripartite system; a review of the cost-effectiveness and other relevant factors from the Union’s perspective; and a glimpse at what the parties expect …

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