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NAA president Dybeck reviews his experience as arbitrator in the steel industry, giving credit to the many contributions of the “founding fathers” of the Academy to the decision-making process.

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Arbitration in specific environments: The steel industry

Arbitrator Dybeck describes his long tenure as an umpire at U.S. Steel, the evolution of the Board of Arbitration, and the benefits to the parties of such an arbitration system. The panelists offer their views of the system.

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Arbitration of wage incentives: Three perspectives

Milton Rubin discusses the arbitration of pay for production work standards and work measurement, including time studies and work standards. Alfred Dybeck discusses the arbitration of wage incentive issues in the steel industry. William Gomberg discusses arbitration under wage incentive payment plans, including Postal Service production standards arbitrations and steel industry practices under the 1968 …

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