Synopsis By: Greco - Proceeding Author: David G. Finkle, Edgar A. Jones, Jr.

An examination of 1968 litigation involving (1) the rights of employees under Section 301; (2) some general judicial problems arising under Section 301 (including actions cognizable under the Section, the right of management to transfer operations to another plant, whether a labor-management agreement existed, disputes of events transpiring outside the term of the agreement, the rights of successor owners and unions, and the exhaustion of the grievance and arbitration procedure and judicial decisions on the merits); (3) suits to compel arbitration or to review awards; and (4) the relationship of Section 310 to other legislation (the Norris-LaGuardia Act, the National Labor Relations Act, and the Bankruptcy Act). The major trend of judicial decisions continues to be to send disputes to arbitration and to refrain from displacing the judgment of the arbitrator with that of the court, both before and after the award has been issued.