Synopsis By: Nelson - Proceeding Author: Harold W. Davey

Discussion of tri-partite grievance arbitration boards. Expresses a preference for single arbitrator systems. Notes studies find boards more common in larger bargaining units and overall use of boards has declined in past decade. Suggests historical development of arbitration as part of negotiations encouraged tri-partite model while recent trend toward more judicial arbitral roles encourages single arbitrator model. Discusses characteristic uses of tri-partite arbitration in industries where that model is common. Notes some parties prefer the tri-partite model, but some have abandoned it in favor of the single arbitrator model. Some provide for a board in the contract but habitually waive its use. Summarizes arguments for and against tri-partite boards and suggests optimal ways to use them. Predicts reduced use is more likely than increased use, with the possible exceptions of public sector and strike avoidance.