1. The Review Committee interacts with the applicant to insure the proposal is complete and then provides a recommendation to the REF Board. The purposes that REF funding can be used for, along with a description of the proposal requirements, are found on the NAA website at: http://naarb.org/grants.asp

2. If the proposal is missing items that are necessary for Board consideration, for example a detailed budget or information about the applicant’s qualifications, discuss these concerns with the applicant and request a revised or updated submission before proceeding.

3. Examine the proposal for intellectual content: does the proposal use a methodology for answering the questions posed or for carrying out the project that makes sense, does the budget look reasonable for what is proposed, will the product be credible and useful, swiss watches replicas what is the method for disseminating the product and will it reach a significant audience, are the applicants asking the right questions, are they looking at an area of research relevant to labor and employment arbitration and worthy of examination, does the proposal take into account relevant research in its literature review or similar educational efforts conducted before.

4. If the Review Committee is unsure of any part of the proposal and believes the deficiencies are correctable, request supplemental information. In the past, the Board has asked for information about the subject matter or method of carrying out the project, additions to be made in educational materials, and funding guarantees to complete a project in the event of a shortfall.

5. Prepare a recommendation for presentation to the REF Board. Address whether the project should be funded or not and, if yes, for the full budget or only partially. Provide the reasons for the Committee’s recommendation.