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The Code and post-award arbitral discretion

The authors consider the pros and cons of an arbitrator’s retention of jurisdiction. Arbitrator Rehmus reviews the evolution of the doctrine of functus officio, offers guidance on the process, and adopts the view that arbitrators are not functus officio until the job is finished. Arbitrator Nolan discusses several specific ethical issues and Arbitrator Quinn advises …

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The law of contracts: A changing legal environment

Between Harry Shulman’s view that collective bargaining agreements are pacts adopted in complex industrial societies to set up systems for their governance, and the Williston view that a contract is a contract, is the middle ground: collective bargaining agreements as special types of contracts with respect to which the principles of “ordinary” contract law. Professor …

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Problems of proof in the arbitration process: Report of the West Coast Tripartite Committee

Discussion of pre-hearing procedures, hearing procedures, and rules of evidence, with additional remarks regarding history and theory on these matters. [See also the transcript of the open discussion, 1966 page 214.]

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