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Globalization and its effect on collective bargaining and labor arbitration

A discussion about the effects of globalization on labor organizations and the workforce. Arnold Zack presents a paper addressing the role of labor relations in the developing world, the role of International Labor Organization (ILO) labor standards in the competing countries, and how globalization impacts the U.S. labor relations system and what can be done. …

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Workplace justice without unions: Summary of a study

A comparison of the industrial justice systems developed by non-unionized companies, comparing them also to labor arbitration, to United States courts, and to courts in other countries, examining the favorableness of the systems to the respective parties and examining several other dimensions. The studies show the statistical “win” percentages in various forums; the costs; and …

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The International Labor Organization, or ILO, established in 1919, is an international body composed of the representatives of government, employers, and workers of more than 140 nations. The primary mission of the ILO is the establishment of a body of labor standards to be observed by nations throughout the world. The author reviews the recent …

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