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Attorney Brennwald suggests that, in Pyett, the Court might entrust the enforcement of statutory rights to the union’s discretion, subject only to its duty of fair representation and its obligation to refrain from unlawful discrimination. He examines the practical effect of that ruling, and important questions that the Court left unanswered.

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What price employment? Arbitration, the Constitution, and personal freedom.

An examination of the role of the Supreme Court in criminal cases and cases involved in the disciplining or discharge of government employees. The author recommends that arbitrators work toward incorporating the mandates of the Bill of Rights into collective bargaining relationships. The proceedings conclude with rebuttals by the commentators and a general discussion by …

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Problems of proof in the arbitration process: Report of the West Coast Tripartite Committee

Discussion of pre-hearing procedures, hearing procedures, and rules of evidence, with additional remarks regarding history and theory on these matters. [See also the transcript of the open discussion, 1966 page 214.]

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