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Postal Industry Collective Bargaining and Arbitration

The Postal Industry’s declining financial condition as affected the collective bargaining andarbitration processes, such as the consolidation and centralization of some labor relations functions, including the scheduling of arbitration hearings. Two papers describe those phenomena. Helburn on process shortcomings; Morris on remedies

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Building the evidence record: The bounds of “arbitral advocacy”

An examination of arbitral discretion in the context of building the evidence record and controlling the hearing: techniques, demeanor, temperament and style with particular emphasis on gradations of arbitral involvement in building the evidence record. Arbitrator Gentile considers the boundaries of arbitral discretion and arbitral activism; Atty. Marcus cautions against “arbitral advocacy”; Arbitrator Nicolau states …

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Admissibility of evidence

Excerpts from workshops on the admissibility of evidence. The subjects include 1) the grievant’s prior employment record; 2) spotters’ reports; 3) decisions of other tribunals; 4) new evidence at hearing; 5) the grievant’s post-discharge conduct; 6) stolen documents; 7) lie detector tests, and 8) burden of proof.

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