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Is it time for a national unfair dismissal statute?

George Nicolau presents the benefits of a national unfair dismissal statute and how it might function. The panelists discuss possible the possible beneficial and harmful consequences of such a statute….

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The Effects of the Economic and Budgetary Crisis on Interest Arbitration and Bankruptcy

A discussion of the public sector budgetary crisis: who was at fault and what the economic and political realities are in 2010.

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Employee Privacy in the Digital Age II. Privacy in the Age of Technology

A panel discussion of employer monitoring of employee computer use, including Internet access. Six scenarios deal with Facebook postings, blogging about workplace conditions, confidential patient identities, unauthorized viewing of another’s…

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Keeping It Moving: Evidence and Procedure Rulings

A fact-based and scenario based discussion of how evidentiary and procedural issues have been expeditiously addressed by arbitrators before, during and after the hearing.

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